Bring indoor comfort, and safety, outside in your Tiki Hut

Weather can be a big issue when it comes to outdoor entertainment. Building a tall roof or pergola over your outdoor kitchen will allow you to enjoy cooking outdoors, even in the extreme heat. You can incorporate different forms of shelter such as having a Tiki Huts over your outdoor kitchen. Hot locations may want an overhead fan or mist sprays.

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Outdoor lighting will not only extend your time outside, it offers safety for walkways, staircases and grilling areas, and a nice touch for your outdoor kitchen tiki hut setup. Some outdoor kitchen designers incorporate lighting into the kitchen, either under the countertops or above. Pro tip: If you plan on installing an outdoor grill under a structure, be sure you allow plenty of clearance space between the grill and the ceiling, and design the room for ventilation.

Dan the Tiki Man is the one of the few Tiki hut builders capable of building a fire-retardant Tiki hut for commercial and residential use, such as a restaurant or hotel. Also, To prevent house fires, professionals never recommend operating a grill under eves or decks unless there is a professionally installed ventilation hood. Keep your grill clean to prevent accidental fires.

Time to decorate Your TikiHut

Grab a drink and a book and make your Tiki Huts space your favorite escape with awesome decoration.

If you have your tiki hut as a outdoor kitchen or as a pool hang out space, the decoration is always the fun part of it. You have the option to go to fancy furniture Bali style and stop by at Pier one and find a nice set to place in your TikiHut, or just shopping on antique stores and donation store to find out a perfect match to your taste (what could take quite some time).

Pottery Barn is other solution for wicker furniture surrounds an antique folding table, where the family plays cards.


The owners of this Michigan cabin used sturdy chains and hooks to turn a bench into a swing; it joins similarly rustic chair and love seat, both by Old Hickory on the front porch, and its a perfect match for many tiki huts setting.



Low Cost Luxe. Keep in mind the cost should not crossover a cozy and comfortable tiki hut environment. Florida is well know for the humid air/weather. So a sofa and rug as may look really nice and comfortable it may add the extra maintenance you are not looking forward. The idea still to be as relax is possible!