Commercial Tiki Huts


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Tiki Huts For Hotels, Restaurants, And Other Commercial Uses

The commercial uses for authentic Tiki huts include hotels, restaurants, bars, and other public venues were a tropical theme is desired. Tiki huts have been used to create outdoor theaters, temporary shade structures for public events, outdoor ticket booths and vendor areas. In fact, a Tiki hut can be used in most situations where you need a permanent or temporary open-air structure. Dan The Tiki Man builds commercial tiki huts throughout South Florida that meet code requirements for safety, including the application of fire retardant products.

Dan The Tiki Man is the only tiki hut builder in South Florida qualified to apply Class A fire retardant materials to commercial and public tiki hut structures.

A Real Tiki Hut Is Part Of The Consumer Experience

It is certainly possible to use artificial synthetic thatch in the construction of any tiki hut or palapa thatch umbrella. While this is a matter of taste for the individual homeowner, one of the primary benefits of natural thatch is its authenticity. Artificial thatch does not have the coloration or texture of natural thatch, and differences can be easily seen in bright daylight. Whether you want a Seminole Chickee hut or a Polynesian tiki hut, Dan The Tiki Man is the real deal.

Most consumers expect a “real tiki hut” as part of the tropic themed experience they buy for its uniqueness.

Consumers Today Want Eco-Friendly Tiki Huts

Artificial thatch is mostly made from high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, which very cheap thatch being made from toxic plastics. High-density polyethylene is produced from petroleum and is commonly seen in plastic grocery bags, food containers, and bubble wrap. More than 70% of consumers think green when purchasing and are generally “anti-plastic.”


We Build Tiki Huts For The Entertainment Industry

South Florida has become a strong film and music production location. We build sets and scenery for themed environments, special events, film and television, and theatre productions. Because we have access to our own eco-friendly materials locally, we can come in and get your thatched themed environment built very quickly so you don’t waste valuable production time. We also do thatching and theming for bars, nightclubs, and other public venues where a blend of creative imagination, safety, and large size are critical.

Dan The Tiki Man does thatching and thatched huts for unique entertainment industry sets and scenery as well bars and restaurants.