Tiki Hut Maintenance

tiki hut maintenance photo

A Quality Tiki Hut Requires Less Maintenance

All genuine tiki huts, Miccosoukee Chikee huts and thatched gazebos require maintenance. A properly built tiki hut will require less maintenance over its lifespan. Usually this means re-thatching of the roof and walls (if it has walls) with the appropriate natural materials. Synthetic tiki huts do not require maintenance but lack the ambiance and charm of a real tiki hut.

Check your tiki hut once a year for loose thatch panels. Even a small leak can lead to rot and mildew.

Dan The Tiki Man Does Thatching And Re-Thatching

We warrantee our tiki huts for up to ten years. Dan The Tiki Man thatched huts are built to stand up to even the harshest South Florida weather. Our experienced team also does expert re-thatching and replacement of thatch panels. We will inspect your tiki hut for loose or missing thatch panels. We also check for signs of leaks, milder, rot, and pests such as termites. We have re-thatched tiki huts, thatched gazebos, and commercial tiki huts throughout South Florida. Our clients include both high-end residential customers and commercial enterprises such as bars and other public venues. We offer an affordable way to extend the life of your thatched hut. We will turn your tired-looking, old tiki hut into a fresh place to unwind in tropical splendor.

Unlike most South Florida tiki hut companies, we do not use subcontractors on re-thatching projects. Our crew has been with us since the beginning.

We can replace damaged wood. Occasionally we can even replace Florida native cypress poles. We are experts in the process of stripping cypress poles to leave the classic blonde finish, or we can provide expertly carved totem-type poles. Our tiki hut specials have designed and constructed everything from high-thatched buildings for South Florida luxury homes to hospitality and entertainment commercial tiki huts.

We use only Florida-grown native special of cypress in the structure of your tiki hut. These poles are usually stripped of the outer bark to reveal the blonde finish. We can also provide exotic carved cypress poles based on your vision.